About Teacher Supply & Demand

    Is there a shortage of teachers?

    Unlike some other public service professions, Saskatchewan is not experiencing any kind of teacher shortages and there is no projected risk of a teacher shortage. Almost 40 percent of graduates from education degree programs in Saskatchewan who are available for employment have not been able to find jobs within our publicly funded education system within two years after graduation.

    View the 2010 Teacher Supply and Demand Survey Report (click for PDF).

    View the Educator Supply and Demand in Saskatchewan to 2011 Study (click for PDF).

    Additionally, news articles from jurisdictions across Canada are reporting similar challenges for recent graduates from education degree programs.

    The Lost Generation (Durham Region, May 7, 2011)

    Alberta Jobs Hard to Come by for New Teachers (CBC News, April 28, 2011

    There are also a number of other provinces experiencing teacher layoffs, unlike Saskatchewan. This increases the pool of qualified applicants for positions in Saskatchewan.

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