About Competitive Compensation for Teachers

    What do teachers get paid in Saskatchewan?

    Below, please find the current salary scale for Saskatchewan teachers.

    Class IV is the represents a teacher with four years of related university preparation, typically a B.Ed., which is the normal minimum qualification in Saskatchewan. It is also the most populous class, comprising 6,949 full- and part-time teachers.

    Another 4,826 full- and part-time teachers are in Class V and Class VI combined.

    Classes I, II and III approximate one, two or three years of formal preparation, and essentially form a collapsed class as they are paid on the same steps. Only under exceptional circumstances would an individual be placed in Class I or Class II, and very occasionally a vocational teacher is placed on Class III. Currently there are 116 teachers in these three classes, 72 of whom are at Step 15.

    How much do teachers in Saskatchewan make in comparison to teachers from other provinces?

    Currently, teachers with a four year degree starting out in Saskatchewan earn $46,419, which is $1,000 a year more than the average of Canadian provinces.  With this offer, that would increase to over $49,000.  After 15 years of service, a Saskatchewan teacher with a four year degree earns $73,036, about $3,000 more than the average of Canadian provinces.  With this offer of 5.5% that would increase to over $77,000.

    Do teacher salaries keep pace with the Consumer Price Index?

    While yearly fluctuations in the Consumer Price Index do not drive offers of compensation, in recent years teachers have seen greater increases in salary than increases to the cost of living. Since 1997 the cost of living measured by CPI has gone up 33.1%. While teacher pay increases have not matched changes in the Consumer Price Index each and every year, during this same time period teacher salaries have gone up by 59.5% at the bottom of the scale and 53.2% at the top.